Become a Sponsor

Vienna Woods Equestrian, and showjumper Jono Farrington are delighted to have been sponsored by some excellent equestrian brands.

All Sponsors have links on every page of this Vienna Woods Equestrian website (to the right) as well as a permanent listing in the Sponsors category, to say “thanks”.

If you are interested in sponsoring Jono Farrington’s competitive riding, or sponsorship of Vienna Woods Equestrian’s team of sport horses, please contact us.

Sponsorship Required

While Jono Farrington has a Saddle Sponsor (WOW Saddles), is an ambassador forĀ Chaballo Horsewear, a Horse Sponsor (Bellhaven Stud) and a Website Sponsor (, we are always happy to talk to potential sponsors.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Jono Farrington’s showjumping, or the team of horses currently competing from Vienna Woods Equestrian.